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A negotiated price, an exchange of titles, and the transference of funds — buying and selling property sounds so simple when you say it quickly, but quite often that’s not the case. The intricacies of a property sale are much more complicated than most people realise. Every sale is unique. It takes a professional with years of experience dealing with every corner of conveyancing to comprehend and recommend the right course of action if things don’t go according to plan.

Highly regarded within the property sector, Narelle George’s knowledge is such that she is widely recognised as one of South Australia’s best conveyancers. She is often relied upon to deal with difficult and complex property transfers to ensure complicated negotiations and paperwork don’t lead to unnecessary hassles and delays. Her confident and determined attitude, highly focussed work ethic and vast experience are what you need if you’re trying to meet challenging timelines and objectives.

Narelle’s specialities include private contracts for the sale and purchase of land, family transfers, research and advice on resolving land tenure issues, encroachments, easements, caveats and valuation research to name just a few. And she takes great pride in working collaboratively and effectively with lawyers, finance institutions, conveyancers and other stakeholders to ensure negotiations are managed professionally, and documents are lodged correctly to minimise requisitions and ensure a smooth transition.

If you need someone that can help you understand the complicated legal jargon and guide you through the conveyancing process with a minimum of fuss, contact Narelle, she’ll put your mind at ease.

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