Natalie Thomas

A specialist corporate advisor with a passion for health, sciences and technology.

Natalie Thomas

Senior Associate

Natalie is an emerging star of the legal profession, having commenced her career as a medical scientist in clinical research. She provides high-level support and advice to organisations across Australia within the health, science, technology, space and defence sectors.

Known for her passion and determination in taking care of her clients and highly valued for her integrity, Natalie assists her clients with strategic and practical advice across an impressive array of business areas for companies of all sizes. Corporate and commercial, governance, risk management and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, joint ventures, administrative and regulatory and intellectual property are but a few of the areas of law where her specialist expertise is highly sought.

Before joining DW Fox Tucker Lawyers, Natalie was highly regarded as an in-house counsel for large corporate and government entities. Her innate grasp of the internal mechanisms of businesses makes Natalie a genuine expert at identifying red flags and developing strategies that enable business owners and managers to make informed strategic choices to mitigate and combat legal risks before they become costly liabilities. Business owners and managers who don’t have the time and expertise to handle complex legal problems can feel secure knowing they make decisions within an acceptable legal risk profile – leaving them to concentrate on other critical operational objectives that will drive success.

Natalie’s abilities come to the fore by protecting her client’s interests from regulators. As the regulation of business increases in Australia, it has never been more critical to have an expert advisor who is well versed in governance arrangements and regulatory frameworks. Natalie’s pre-emptive strategic advice can protect company reputations, and when investigations occur, she can effectively navigate the process to preserve her client’s rights and avert third party litigation.

Suppose you’re looking for a consultative and collaborative communication style that can operate effectively in any environment to achieve commercial outcomes that safeguard and grow your most important assets. In that case, you should have a chat with Natalie. She could become one of the most valuable members of your team.

Natalie's Expertise

Corporate & Commercial



Health & Aged Care

Intellectual Property (IP)

International Business


Risk Management & Insurance


Science & Technology




Governance Institute

Governance Institute of Australia – Affiliate Member


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