Francesco Pittelli

Marianna is an exceptional person. She dealt with difficult matters that had occurred in corresponding with other parties, i.e. Landlords.

She provided a clear explanation of matters and legal terms not understood by myself, always explaining openly in simpler terms to help my understanding before proceeding with a decision. With a short timeframe, Marianna arranged an agreeable lease. Constant thought and acknowledgement was always addressed in the view of what was appropriate and fair for me, against the other party. With not much co-operation from the other party, strong delegation & communication was forwarded from Marianna consistently in discussion to have the final preparation organised swiftly after long delays.

This excellent service overlapped with another matter concerning F93 and the need for a liquor licence to be obtained. This was done appropriately and quickly in a small time frame, before the incident of COVID-19. This was executed prior to this occurring with straight transmission of information needed and then continued on the delegation to the gaming and licence commission.

I would like to say overall; an outstanding job was undertaken, and happy to proceed in the future with the services of Marianna Danby.

Francesco Pittelli

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