Cybercrime in Australia is a growing threat and is becoming an easy way for criminals to steal information, money and disrupt business. Attackers do not discriminate on business type or size. Whether small-medium enterprise, government or financial, all organisations are targets and no one industry or sector is immune.

Providing a secure setting is critical in building and maintaining confidence and trust in your business.

As businesses share, collect and store more information and data online, they need to ensure security measures are in place to protect against breaches.

Critically, this includes the data your business stores relating to information shared by customers.

Failure to protect customer data can lead to significant penalties.

This presentation will explore everything businesses need to know to implement a comprehensive security strategy including;

  • Risk Management Policies
  •  Protecting Confidential Information
  •  Privacy Act Obligations
  •  EU General Data Protection Regulation Obligations
  •  Awareness & Training
  •  Network and User Security
  •  Application Security
  •  IT System Security
  •  User Mindset training and behaviours

Date & Time

Wednesday 12 September 2018
7:30am – 9:00am
Light breakfast provided


DW Fox Tucker Lawyers
Level 14, 100 King William Street, Adelaide


No charge – event provided compliments of DW Fox Tucker Lawyers, Logic Plus and Sophos.


Friday 7 September 2018
p: 8124 1811

We look forward to seeing you there.


Amy Bishop

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