Joanne Cliff is one of those lawyers who seems to have a calling to a particular cause. She began her legal career in Family Law in 1988 and has become widely recognised throughout the profession for her passionate pursuit of fair outcomes when resolving disputes over property, financial assets and parenting arrangements for married, de facto and same-sex relationships. Her desire to achieve results that deliver swift and significant relief from stressful and sometimes traumatic situations is very much appreciated by a long list of satisfied clients.

When asking Joanne to help you with a Family Law matter, the first thing you’ll notice is the collaborative approach she takes. Wherever possible, Joanne engages all parties at the early stages of a dispute to see if a mutually beneficial settlement of finance, property or child care can be reached without the need of costly and time-consuming court proceedings that benefit no party. Her honest, pragmatic and respectful approach helps foster more constructive communications between parties, which is critical when discussing parenting arrangements, and frequently leads to better and far less stressful outcomes. And, when Joanne’s clients are faced with a more aggressive situation that offers no hope of consensus, decades of experience in the courtroom makes her a fierce and formidable adversary.

Joanne and the Family Law team believe strongly that the scope of our services should cover every single aspect of how a divorce and relationship breakdown can affect your life and your loved ones. So, in addition to leading-edge expertise to help rebuild and protect your personal life, when required, Joanne leans on the specialist knowledge of DW Fox Tucker’s commercial lawyers to help guide you through complex matters like family-owned businesses, tax, trusts, and division of significant real estate holdings. And, if you’re not ready to speak to a lawyer but would like some support and information, you can join Joanne’s Facebook community, where she provides helpful advice and resources for people that are going through a challenging period in their relationship.

If there’s one thing you’ll hear consistently from Joanne’s clients, it’s that she knows her stuff inside out and has an enviable ability to adapt to changing environments in the pursuit of fair outcomes. Clients love her energy, honesty, understanding of difficult situations, and her respect for the process all families must navigate during complex, emotional issues.

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What Client's Say

On a strong recommendation from a friend who engaged the services of DW Fox Tucker and more specifically Mrs Joanne Cliff, I reached out seeking her expertise in my separation matter.

From my first appointment with Joanne I just knew I made the right choice. Fighting a well heeled ex mother in law who was bank rolling the ex wife, I needed someone who was at the top of their game. Joanne was more than up for the challenge and systematically pushed back on their unrealistic demands during the negotiations process.

I was of the opinion that we would not be able to avoid a lengthy court battle to achieve a fair outcome. I believe Joanne’s tenacity and superior knowledge of the family law act had an impact on the other parties younger less experienced legal representation. This was quite obvious during the mediation sessions where Joanne was so assertive and refuted the other parties arguments almost instantaneously on the spot, nearly every single time. Was I glad that she was in my corner.

Joanne achieved an outcome I could only have dreamed of, that being a costly court battle. It didn’t stop there, Joanne achieved an incredibly fair division of assets acquired during the 16 year marriage. Quite simply I could not believe the outcome.

I cannot recommend Joanne and her firm highly enough, you often hear of the horror stories when it comes to settlement. Not in my case Joanne achieved a very fair and equitable outcome, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Matthew Odgers