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Sometimes, life is tough. Especially if you’re experiencing separation or divorce. Getting the right support at the right time can make all the difference to how you get through. It can also have a big impact on the outcome. Having the right information about your rights can make a big difference to your family law experience. That’s why our team of Adelaide-based family lawyers will:

  • Communicate clearly and efficiently
  • Respond quickly to your needs, questions and requests
  • Keep legal costs as low as possible

We’re proud to have these principles underpinning our services. They give us an excellent reputation as one of Adelaide’s premier law firms that practices in family law. Even better, they allow us to provide exceptional service.

Helping you in all areas of divorce and family law

Our family law team has years of experience in all areas of divorce and family law. We’ve helped hundreds of clients rebuild their lives, protect themselves and their loved ones, and sort out their finances. We’ve also helped clients navigate more complex business issues, assist with division of real estate holdings and most importantly, make proper taxation arrangements. We can help you too. Our family law services include:

  • Divorce
  • Property settlement/division of assets
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Pre-marriage arrangements, including binding financial agreements (pre-nuptial agreements)
  • Legal issues in de facto relationships
  • Children and parenting arrangements
  • Child support

Looking after your family and your business

Your family is your top priority. However, your business interests also need looking after, because it’s more important than ever to maintain a stable financial platform for your family's future. Our highly experienced commercial lawyers work seamlessly with our family law team to produce a powerful combination of skills that our clients trust and love. All the advice you need in one place. Our complementary services include:

Get in touch to find out how we can help you look after your loved ones and your business.

How to avoid going to court

Family law issues have a reputation for being highly charged. Combative. Fuelled with emotion. But it’s not always the case. With skill and experience, it’s possible to negotiate an excellent outcome without going to court. You avoid the stress of court action and save a bucketload of money. If you’ve already reached an agreement with your former partner, you may need a legal eye to check it’s in your best interests. Perhaps you need a lawyer to negotiate a new agreement.  Or, if negotiations don’t work out, you may need to consider going to court. Whatever your situation, we can help with solutions including:

  • Consent orders
  • Binding financial agreements
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Mediation
  • Settlement conferences
  • Negotiation
  • Litigation

Considering other legal issues

If you’re separating or divorcing, you’ve got a lot going on. It’s challenging to keep all the balls in the air. You’re trying to protect your family's interests, maintain a positive frame of mind, and keep your professional life functioning well. All the while, you’re making some of the most significant decisions of your life. It’s difficult to know whether you’ve covered all the legal bases; this is where we can help. We’ve helped hundreds of clients set up their lives after significant upheaval. Even after finalising your family law issues, you’ll need to update your:

  • Will
  • Power of attorney
  • Advance care directive
  • Binding death nomination for your superannuation fund

We’ll discuss these things with you and help you sort them out. Even better, with our wills and estates lawyers, you’ll get all the legal help you need, when you need it, all in one place.

Your first meeting with us

Before you meet with one of our family lawyers, a little bit of preparation can go a long way to:

  • Cut down costs
  • Decrease time commitment
  • Improve communication

You’ll need to find documents that are relevant to the issue. Usually, they include:

  • Tax returns
  • Household bills
  • Children’s expenses
  • Business profit and loss statements
  • Bank accounts
  • Mortgage and loan documents and repayments

It all depends on your circumstances. Please have a chat with one of our family lawyers about what you need to bring to your first appointment.

You’re not alone

We’ll support you through your family law issue, beginning to end. Expert advice when you need it, from some of Adelaide's best legal minds.

Key Services

  • Divorce
    We can assist with the completion of forms, service of documents and court representation.
  • Property Settlement / Division of Assets
    We will provide advice on all options available including out of court processes.
  • Binding Financial Agreements
    These agreements provide certainty at the beginning, during and end of a marriage/relationship.
  • Children and Parenting Arrangements
    Initial advice and preparation of court documents or consent orders.
  • Spousal Maintenance Claims
    If a relationship breaks down suddenly you may be entitled to urgent spousal maintenance or periodic maintenance in the longer term.
  • Child Support Matters Including Binding Child Support Agreements
    These agreements can provide certainty in the future.
  • Collaborative Law
    This is a new option for separated couples which allow the parties to confer together out of court with their legal representatives to work through the settlement of property and children’s matters in a positive and non-adversarial environment. It can avoid the costs, delay and pain experienced with court proceedings. Assistance from an independent financial counsellor and child counsellor is available to the parties to reach a personalised resolution.
  • Facilitation of Mediation
    An alternative to Collaborative law and the court process.
  • Preparation and Lodgement of Consent Applications for Property and/or Children’s Matters
    If you have agreed on orders with your former partner, court documents are prepared for a fixed fee and lodged without you having to attend court.

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What Client's Say

On a strong recommendation from a friend who engaged the services of DW Fox Tucker and more specifically Mrs Joanne Cliff, I reached out seeking her expertise in my separation matter. From my first appointment with Joanne I just knew I made the right choice. Fighting a well heeled ex mother in law who was bank rolling the ex wife, I needed someone who was at the top of their game. Joanne was more than up for the challenge and systematically pushed back on their unrealistic demands during the negotiations process. I was of the opinion that we would not be able to avoid a lengthy court battle to achieve a fair outcome. I believe Joannes tenacity and superior knowledge of the family law act had an impact on the other parties younger less experienced legal representation. This was quite obvious during the mediation sessions where Joanne was so assertive and refuted the other parties arguments almost instantaneously on the spot, nearly every single time. Was I glad that she was in my corner. Joanne achieved an outcome I could only have dreamed of, that being a costly court battle. It didn't stop there, Joanne achieved an incredibly fair division of assets acquired during the 16 year marriage. Quite simply I could not believe the outcome. I cannot recommend Joanne and her firm highly enough, you often hear of the horror stories when it comes to settlement. Not in my case Joanne achieved a very fair and equitable outcome, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Matthew Odgers