Businesses use countless different machines during the course of normal operations to efficiently produce and deliver products for their customers. To ensure businesses comply with their Work, Health & Safety obligations, it is imperative that they implement the correct training, policies, procedures, and guarding to operate these machines safely. Failing to meet any of these obligations increases the risk of a hazard causing severe injury to an employee or other person, which will lead to serious penalties for the business and Person Conducting Business or Undertaking (PCBU).

Guarding is an essential piece of equipment to manage machinery hazards. It will improve the personal safety of operators and others involved in the regular operation, servicing and maintenance of machines.

During this webinar, in conjunction with San Remo Macaroni Company, DW Fox Tucker will discuss:

  • Source of Work, Health and Safety Duties;
  • Principles that apply to Work, Health and Safety Duties;
  • Guarding: Regulations, Code of Practice and Australian Standards;
  • Enforcement of Work, Health and Safety Duties (including case law examples); and
  • Compliance with Work, Health and Safety Duties.

Date & Time

Friday, 11 March 2022
2:00pm – 3:00pm


Online - the link will be sent to you prior to the webinar.


No charge – event provided compliments of DW Fox Tucker Lawyers and San Remo Macaroni Company.


Friday before 11:00am, 11 March 2022

We look forward to you joining us


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