The traditional workplace is changing rapidly. As the digital era creates new methods of conducting and running a business, the average worker is now faced with the blurred boundary between work life and personal life. It is no longer just the CEO or other senior executives who are expected to be on-call at all times. The ease of communication brought about by emails, mobile phones and the internet means that more workers are increasingly expected to be available for work at any given time. Workers are also seeking more flexible work arrangements, which includes the ability to work from home.

This seminar will discuss the employment law issues affected by these changes, the risks to your business and how to manage these risks.

Participants will be provided with practical information about the following key issues:

  • Employment conditions – How to manage the change
  • Hours of work – When does it start and finish?
  • Work-related social functions – Roles, responsibilities and reducing liability
  • Email, internet and social media in the workplace – Policies and procedures
  • Other out of hours conduct – Steps to mitigate reputational risk

Date & Time

First Session:
Tuesday 28 August 2018

Second Session:
Tuesday 04 September 2018

Light breakfast will be provided


No charge – event provided compliments of DW Fox Tucker Lawyers


DW Fox Tucker Lawyers
L14, 100 King William Street, Adelaide


Friday 24 August 2018
p: 8124 1811

We look forward to seeing you there.


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