Voluntary assisted dying (VAD) is an important issue with profound legal, ethical and policy implications for the aged care sector.

The session will not focus on arguments for or against VAD but rather attempt to scope the role of aged care providers and the professionals who work for them so as to achieve compliance with the provisions of the Act.

After viewing this webinar, managers, carers, nurses, and other medical professionals will understand their roles, responsibilities, and obligations so they feel secure knowing any decisions they make will fit within a legal framework that complies with the VAD legislation and safeguards them from any liability.

Key takeaways

  1. Overview of the Act
    • How does it work – when does it start?
    • Who are the key players?
    • The issue of capacity and its relevance in decision making
    • The issue of consent
    • The 7 steps that have to be satisfied for compliance with the Act
    • How is compliance achieved?
    • Who is responsible for achieving compliance?
  2. The role of the aged care provider in the ambit of the Act
    • What is that role?
    • How is that role discharged?
    • Are there risks for the provider?
    • The difference between self-administration and practitioner administration in VAD – what does that mean for the provider?
  3. Offences
    • Who can commit an offence?
    • What are the penalties?
    • What the risks for the provider?
  4. How to prepare
    • Is staff training required?
    • What level of knowledge of the Act will be required?

The Presenters

Mark Minarelli, Director 

Mark represents and advises individuals, small and large businesses and not-for-profit organisations across many fields of law.

He is an estate planning specialist who is often asked questions about assisted dying and whether it can be worked into an estate plan, such as with an Enduring Power of Attorney or Advance Care Directive. The business community is now utilising his extensive knowledge in this field of law to understand better where they fit within the voluntary assisted dying scheme, so they can continue to operate within a legal framework that complies with the law.

Natalie Thomas, Senior Associate 

Before joining DW Fox Tucker Lawyers, Natalie was highly regarded as an in-house counsel for large corporate and government entities. Her innate grasp of the internal mechanisms of businesses makes Natalie a genuine expert at identifying red flags and developing strategies that enable business owners and managers to make informed strategic choices to mitigate and combat legal risks before they become costly liabilities.

Holding a Master of Public Health and a strong background in the science/public health space, Natalie’s expertise and familiarity with the industry mean she is ideally placed to assist aged care providers with governance, risk management and compliance issues.

Date & Time

6 October 2021
10:00am – 11:30am


Online (link will be sent two days before the webinar)


No charge – event provided compliments of DW Fox Tucker Lawyers


e: events@dwfoxtucker.com.au

We look forward to you joining us.


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