Comprehensive turnkey solutions

Erizon stands at the forefront of large-scale revegetation, dust suppression, and erosion control projects, offering a complete turnkey solution encompassing specification, application, and ongoing monitoring and reporting. This comprehensive approach allows Erizon to guarantee the quality of their work. Coupled with the fact that they are the only supplier in Australia delivering a start-to-end service solution, Tom Corkhill, the company’s General Manager, says it makes them the preferred choice for industries seeking reliable and effective environmental solutions for these types of projects. “Clients that partner with Erizon know that every project is managed with the utmost expertise and accountability and backed by our service guarantee.”

From humble beginnings to industry pioneers

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The story of Erizon’s inception is one of vision and adaptability. Initially founded in the Northern Territory, the company began by spraying lawns for domestic use. Recognising an opportunity to integrate technology into a traditionally low-tech industry, Erizon relocated to South Australia, rebranded, and expanded significantly. The new direction focused on large-scale revegetation, dust suppression, and erosion control services for major mining and civil projects, with Hillgrove Resources, Kanmantoo, and Port Augusta Power Station among their first significant clients. As the company has grown, it now proudly supports many of Australia’s largest companies, including tier-one entities such as Glencore, Rio Tinto, the Department of Defence, Alcoa, Newmont, BMD, Ventia, and Coleman Rail.

Despite the challenges of such a significant shift, Erizon’s founders remained steadfast, investing heavily in new technology to support traditional methods of application. This strategic focus on innovation and adaptation enabled the company to grow steadily and establish itself as a leader in the field.

Cultivating a collaborative culture

A foundational element of Erizon’s success is its inclusive workplace culture. Tom Corkhill emphasises the importance of ensuring that their staff enjoy their work and feel part of something bigger: “By fostering a sense of collaboration and a family-like atmosphere, Erizon creates an environment where ideas and solutions can flow freely from all levels of the organisation. Our inclusive approach means everyone, from the owners and managers to the operations team and field staff, is encouraged to contribute their ideas and suggestions. This collaborative culture is integral to what we do. All of the people at Erizon are exceptional at what they do. They bring their own unique perspective, experience, and expertise to help us find innovative solutions to complex problems and ensure the company’s continued success.”

Innovation and industry leadership

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The diversity of Australia’s environmental conditions necessitates a flexible and adaptable approach, and Erizon is dedicated to developing a broad range of solutions to meet these varied needs. Their ability to adapt solutions according to a project’s environmental or unique conditions, whether through trialling new application mediums or refining existing methods, has helped them build an enviable reputation as an industry leader. Erizon is always looking for ways to improve and expand its capabilities to remain at the cutting edge of environmental technology.

The company’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its core values, constantly seeking smarter, better, and more cost-effective ways to address complex problems. This dedication to excellence was recognised with a commendation award for innovation and collaboration in the 2022 SA Premier Awards in Energy and Mining for a project on a tailings storage facility near Orange, NSW.

Erizon’s recent research and development achievements include significant investments in new technologies, such as low-bearing capacity equipment and advanced drone applications. These advancements enable the company to operate in challenging conditions without compromising soil integrity, ultimately improving growth rates and environmental outcomes.

Protecting intellectual property

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In a competitive market with many similar-sounding products, protecting intellectual property is crucial for Erizon, and it’s what led them to DW Fox Tucker Lawyers. Tom explains, “We worked with DW Fox Tucker Lawyers to safeguard our solutions and ensure our branding remains unique and protected. This process was essential in maintaining Erizon’s identity and competitive edge.”

Company highlights and challenges

The most challenging aspect of rehabilitating large areas of land lies in understanding the substrate. Erizon’s success is primarily due to its rigorous approach to analysing the biological elements of the substrate and environment. “By conducting thorough soil tests and analysis, Erizon develops tailored amelioration plans that ensure successful revegetation,” Tom says. This scientific approach is a hallmark of their work and a key reason for their high success rate.

One of Erizon’s standout projects is the large-scale rehabilitation work at the Kanmantoo mine. This local project is a source of pride for the company, showcasing Erizon’s ability to restore a large site to its natural environment. Another significant achievement is the extensive revegetation and dust suppression project in Orange, covering 700 hectares. This project involved the use of purpose-built equipment and required careful coordination of numerous moving parts, highlighting Erizon’s expertise in managing large-scale, complex projects. The project was particularly challenging for Erizon due to the need to manage cross-border travel, quarantine, and stricter hygiene requirements during the COVID-19 crisis. “This was a really difficult period for our company and staff. Deploying our personnel and equipment to perform essential services at various sites across the nation, particularly in Orange, tested all of our capabilities. 

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If our obligations to dust management weren’t met, our clients faced the very real possibility of their sites being forced to close by the Environment Protection Agency. Failure, in our eyes, was simply not an option. By working closely with our staff – who were amazing during this period – DW Fox Tucker Lawyers and the relevant authorities, we developed COVID-19 risk mitigation plans and a range of other new policies and procedures. We also had to regularly submit Cross Border Traveller applications for all of our staff and carefully review travel routes to avoid hotspots in states outside of South Australia. Keeping up with the legislative and Emergency Management (Cross Border Travel) COVID-19 Direction 2020 changes was incredibly challenging. Having DW Fox Tucker Lawyers on call to provide advice and guidance throughout this period was integral to ensuring our team could continue to provide these essential environmental services.”

Staying at the top of their field

Erizon’s journey from a small lawn-spraying business to a leader in environmental solutions is a testament to the company’s vision, innovation, and commitment to excellence. By offering comprehensive, start-to-end services and fostering a collaborative workplace culture, Erizon continues to set the standard in large-scale revegetation, dust suppression, and erosion control. As they look to the future, their ongoing investment in new technologies and commitment to understanding the unique challenges of each project ensures they remain at the forefront of the industry.

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