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At the age of 17, Helene embarked on a journey into the legal realm, guided by the wisdom of her parents and teachers who recognised in her the qualities of a successful lawyer and inspired by her Yiayia (Grandma), whom she has an incredibly special bond with. While her initial inclination was towards a career as a paramedic, driven by her natural people skills and a desire to help others, a chance encounter with a paramedic who advised against it redirected her path. Little did she know this decision would lay the foundation for a successful career in law.

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Inspiration and specialisation

Helene’s early experiences as a law clerk sparked a profound passion for litigation and insolvency. The very elements that initially captivated her interest in becoming a paramedic aligned seamlessly with the dynamic challenges present in litigation and insolvency. This alignment fuelled her fervour to specialise in this area of law, where her vibrant personality, unwavering work ethic, and innate desire to assist others found a perfect match.

Throughout her tenure with global and national firms, Helene appreciated the supportive environments and the camaraderie of driven colleagues. Despite the positive experiences, her entrepreneurial spirit, a quest for autonomy, and a burning desire to play a leading role in her specialised field motivated her to make a significant career move. Joining DW Fox Tucker Lawyers provided her with the platform to shape her legal legacy.

Reflecting on her previous role in Perth with a global firm, Helene notes, “The people I worked with were supportive, kind, and driven. I learnt an incredible amount in my time there. Experiences that I still continue to carry with me to this day. However, with such a robust business background, I always knew that I wanted a certain level of autonomy to create something that I could truly be proud of. DW Fox Tucker Lawyers has granted me this opportunity, guiding and supporting me through my journey into a senior role.”

Natural affinity for business

Growing up surrounded by business-minded individuals, Helene developed a natural affinity for commercial disputes. “From an extremely young age, I have always been surrounded by business. My parents, brother, and husband are business entrepreneurs. So, I am naturally drawn to business and commercial disputes. I understand the constant stresses, difficulties, and obstacles that business owners face and want to assist where I can.”

Helene also respected the grind of running a small or medium business. “Witnessing their dedication to building and growing their businesses in a highly competitive and often volatile environment has been truly inspiring, making my involvement in their endeavours particularly fulfilling. Even today, I find immense satisfaction in this aspect of my work.”

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Juggling acts, overcoming obstacles and leading the charge

Helene acknowledges the difficulties of balancing motherhood and a legal career but sees it as an opportunity to pave the way for a brighter future. “I have experienced many challenges and obstacles in the past, both professionally and personally. In my experience, I have always tried to stay strong and work, work, work. There are many occasions when I struggle with the ‘mum guilts’. It’s hard. I’m not going to lie. But I am reminded by those around me that I am carving the way for a brighter future for not just my daughter but for other mums and their children alike. I am also incredibly lucky that I have a supportive circle around me. My husband has always and continues to support my ambitions to pursue my career in the legal profession. So do my incredible family and friends. Their support, the reminder of why I do it and my determination to not let down my clients or colleagues strengthen my resolve to keep working. I cherish the responsibility of being a female leader in business who can lead the charge for future generations by advocating for greater diversity and equality and challenging the status quo.”

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Personal passions, moments of serenity and chasing dreams

Helene’s personal passions lie in the challenge of raising her daughter and advancing her career while contributing to the growth and work culture of the firm. She envisions a future where she continues to contribute to the legal landscape, challenging the status quo.

When she steps away from the legal world, Helene finds solace in family (which of course, includes her German Shepherd named Max), the beach, spending time with friends and outdoor activities. “We try hard to make time to get away as a family, and spend some quality time together when we aren’t distracted by work and the hustle and bustle of the world. Some of my fondest memories are our family holidays at the beach. I love seeing my daughter’s pure happiness as she runs free at the beach and splashes in the water.”

And if she wasn’t working in law? “If I wasn’t working in law, I would like to work as a doctor in an emergency department somewhere in Europe or work as a Human Rights Officer for the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Because when I wasn’t working, we could travel throughout Europe. If I was living a life of luxury, I would be living in Italy along the coastline, eating pasta every day and swimming.”

Passion for justice

Shaped by her loving and hard-working family, Helene’s legal journey is a testament to her love for diverse challenges, ever-changing legal landscapes, and the joy of helping others. Through the obstacles she’s faced, both professionally and personally, she remains resilient, driven by a passion for justice that defines her career. Helene’s story encapsulates the essence of a modern professional, navigating the complexities of law, motherhood, and personal fulfilment.

We’re thrilled Helene chose our firm to support her journey and we can’t help but smile, sit back and enjoy the ride as she continues to carve her own path in the legal profession.

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