Debra Khor brings something quite rare and valuable to her practice. She is informed by not only her experience in managing personal injury claims for over 15 years but also her specialist knowledge acquired as a practising physiotherapist before she embarked on her legal career. This experience and knowledge have enabled her to master the complex legal and medical issues involved in the specialised field of personal injury law, where she has been recognised for her excellence by Doyle’s Guide to the Legal Profession since 2020. Debra has an in-depth understanding of injuries, treatment and rehabilitation, assessment of injuries and causation.

While Debra’s considerable talents are now firmly focused on representing the interests of self insurers and registered employers in workers compensation matters, she possesses an invaluable perspective of having experience on both sides of the fence. Her extensive experience encompasses a wide spectrum of compensation claims across multiple jurisdictions, including workers’ compensation, industrial accidents, CTP (motor vehicle accidents), public liability and personal insurance such as TPD. Before joining DW Fox Tucker Lawyers, Debra primarily focused on cases involving serious and catastrophic injuries. This experience gives Debra a unique insight into crafting solutions that effectively “bridge the gap” during negotiations, helping to minimise claims costs and steer clear of expensive litigation.

In the realm of workers compensation, meticulous preparation is paramount. Whether it’s crafting robust defences for claims brought against employers, developing cost-effective resolution strategies or adeptly managing complex workers compensation claims, Debra’s methodical nature and straightforward communication style make her an invaluable team member for any self insurers or registered employers looking for strategic guidance and support to effectively manage workers’ compensation liabilities and secure the best possible outcomes for complex claims.

Debra also actively supports her clients and the South Australian business community by serving on various committees responsible for providing input to industry-specific policy and legislative changes. 

If you’re looking for a legal partner with the passion, determination and specialist expertise needed to pursue your strategic goals, you should meet Debra. You’ll quickly discover why she has become such an essential member of our Workers Compensation & Self Insurance team.

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