Ben Noack’s professional journey uniquely blends an engineering and legal background. After twenty years in engineering and nearly a decade working as a successful consulting structural engineer, Ben transitioned to a career in the law, where he has quickly become a trusted advisor and an unwavering advocate for his clients across a wide range of legal issues in corporate & commercial, building & construction, property and dispute resolution.

While Ben specialises in construction law, where he has honed his skills and gained a reputation for offering pragmatic, efficient, and results-oriented solutions, his experience and multifaceted capability make him a valuable asset for any commercial clients seeking a legal advisor who can tackle intricate legal challenges with deep practical insight informed by real-world experience. Ben’s expertise extends to infrastructure projects, regulatory development, environmental approvals, energy & resource law, property law, trusts, contracts, torts, commercial & corporate law, alternative dispute resolution and litigation. 

Ben’s early career as an engineer saw him work with various government agencies and across a diverse range of industries. The knowledge acquired during this period has given him a unique and rare perspective of the property, construction, mining, energy, public administration, not-for-profit and space industries. Ben’s intimate understanding of these industries and broad network has proven instrumental in helping clients complete significant business transactions, navigate regulatory complexities and mediate disputes.

Whether you’re seeking strategic legal insights essential for success, proactively preparing for potential issues, or navigating unexpected circumstances, the value of consulting someone capable of promptly assessing your situation and providing tailored advice cannot be overstated. Ben will help you craft the right strategy, passionately pursue your goals and objectives, and always keep you well-informed about how he and the DW Fox Tucker team are safeguarding your interests.

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